School Superintendent

Superintendent Andrzej Bartos has been selected by the South Moravian Regional Board with the aim of enhancing the quality of both general and vocational subjects being instructed within schools.


What is the role of a superintendent?




The superintendent coordinates principles of specialized secondary schools and outlines conceptual designs for school material and technical resources.


The superintendent participates in the examination of secondary schools under the jurisdiction of the South Moravian Region, assessing principals’ performance throughout their tenure and formulating final reports.


The superintendent formulates recommendations concerning the advancement of educators’ ongoing education and aims to increase the allure of education selections.


Job Description

In 2022, the South Moravian Board introduced a specialized education school superintendent role, extending the authority of a regional board member to manage educational matters previously handled by local administration. VIM now oversees this duty, chosen for impartiality and technical competence, operating independently or under the guidance of the education councilor. The superintendent also engages in collaborative projects with the education division and external institutions.